"Alina and Jeff Bliumis's work references Walter Benjamin's Moscow Diary charting his visit to Moscow for two months during the winter of 1926-27. His reasons for visiting Moscow at this time were his affection for Asja Lacis and his interest in the Communist party and the Russian Revolution. Benjamin, in his most personal text, describes his time in his hotel room, his walks on Tverskaia street going to the Asja's sanatorium, the theater or Red Square and his visit to a range of government offices. Bliumis's lenticular prints present from the left sites in contemporary Moscow referenced in Benjamin's walks through the city and from the right image of mail-order-brides sourced from the internet, questioning both private and public passions." Excerpt from Left Pop by Nicola Lees and Georgina Jackson, the Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art catalog, 2007


Moscow Diary, 2007, Set of 15 lenticular postcards, embroidered towel, Postcards 12 x 7 inches each, towel 14 x 8 inches, Edition of 6